Lost the Reboot and Power Off button from the QUIT option

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Hello all,

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> I installed wacom-tools and updated my xorg.conf files to enable tablet
> functionality. So when I went to reboot using System --> Quit, I seem to
> have lost my Reboot and Power Off options.  All I see is logout,
> Hibernate, suspend and switch user.

I have the same effect after installing the ubuntustudio packages
(including desktop) over a running Kubuntu installation, all 7.04 Feisty.
So the startup keeps using kdm but after login it switches to the
standard ubuntustudio face.

I have now the impression that the gnome menu detects that the desktop
is not started via the expected gdm and so does not provide the power-off
and reboot buttons, thus forcing you back to the initially used desktop
manager screen first (in this case: kdm).
Does that sound plausible somehow?


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