ubuntu studio and ubuntu 7.10

Darrin Goodman darrin.goodman at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 17:57:18 BST 2007

Some of you have mentioned wifi issues with Gutsy.  When I upgraded to
7.10, when I added the Network Manager to my top panel, I noticed that
it did not give me any wireless options, which means that I was not
able to use the gui in order to connect to a wireless network.  Not
sure why this was the case since I am assuming that things generally
only get better with upgrades, rather than digress.  I was able to
manually connect to wifi with the following:
$ sudo su
$ ifconfig ath0 up
$ iwconfig ath0 essid yourRouterNameHere key routerWepKey

However, now my Network Manager seems to be properly displaying my
wifi networks and allows me to connect/disconnect to/from them as
needed.  The only thing that I changed was that I installed wifiradar,
although I have not used it yet.  Perhaps there was an update that was
pushed out that solved the Network-Manager issue.

For those of you who stated that you cannot connect to wifi, I wonder
if you mean that your Network Manager is not working properly, or if
you cannot manually connect to wifi using the commands that I listed

- Darrin

On 10/24/07, Pietro Bergamo <bergamopietro at yahoo.com.br> wrote:
> Thank you for the hints.
> Best regards,
> Pietro
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