two sound cards, keeping their HW number

Karoliina Salminen karoliina.t.salminen at
Sun Oct 14 12:12:49 BST 2007


I have the same symptoms with Ubuntu Studio. The sound cards tend to
appear in random order and sound does not work by default after boot.
This machine has nVidia nForce integrated sound and ST-Audio C-port.
This is very annoying.
Another is the issue with games: pedals and joystick get recognized in
random order and pedals become joystick and joystick becomes pedals.
After each boot it is  pain in the ass to get some game working with
the controllers right. This is terribly bad for user experience... So
if I try to use e.g. X-plane which requires both pedals and joystick
(and is unusable with either missing or either in wrong order) the
situation is very annoying as by default after boot neither controls
or sound work and getting them work right is a task that takes way too
long time to solve to not give up.

Best Regards,

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