two sound cards, keeping their HW number

defred defred at
Sat Oct 13 11:48:25 BST 2007

Hello, it's my first post on the list and for a more linux / Alsa 
oriented question.

My laptop runs an ubuntu "studiofied", there is an internal sound device 
(intel-something), and an Echo IndigoDJ (pcmcia device). Now when I boot 
my computer these two devices use an hardware address of type hw:0 or 
hw:1. But not always the same, so sometimes my XMMS will play on the 
internal soundcard because the configured address is hw:1 which was 
previously the Echo device. I'm tired of having to modify options each 
time the address are messed up.
Is there a way to "force" the sound devices to always have the same 
hardware address ?
(I can't find a way to find this on the web, don't know if its more an 
alsa thing or a system issue)


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