Kubuntu 7.04 update to Ubuntustudio

Det mailtodet at dets-home.de
Thu Oct 11 15:53:18 BST 2007

Hello Jussi and Rafael,

Thanks four your responses.

After reading
> Also, you need to realise that most of the apps are coded in
> gtk - so you will need to install a whole lot of libs.

I decided to install the -desktop package too.
It changed the desktop style, but the ubuntu-theme, as
surprising as it was first, seems nice and comfortable
now. (Reassigned some programs to the menu, so it
is after all much better organized than the Kubuntu KDE
was before).

> And both kernels are installed in parallel. You can use
> a GUI program like startup manager, which is vey intuitive and easy, to
> choose a default kernel and to hide the menu list. I do this in my
> laptop and only choose the lowlatency one when i will work with audio.

Thanks for this hint!

Regarding my third question, about USB-Devices, I
think I found answers at Rosegarden's site, although the
usage of an external mixer with USB D/A will be a challenge,
as it looks at a first glance.

Many thanks for the help

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