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Hello Brendon,

brendon schrieb:
> but hey got
> to start somewhere to get to know my way around these programs.

just the right attitude :-)
To start with what is there is much better then to wait around to get
more prerequisites and doing actually nohing ;-)

> what I am after to record me playing

first you need to understand how the modularity-concept of Linuxaudio
works. Thanks Ubuntustudio you do not have to fight thru the
installation-hassles of optimized systemcomponents so you can start
right away with

1.: qjackctl

Start it, set up the parameters for jack and start up jack. Allways have
an eye on the Mixerapp for you soundchip and if this one does not work
OK get a USB-card as Mark recommends - most of them should work OK.

2.: Control the ports

qjackctl has a panel called "Connections" it shows you any source of
signal jack has to offer and inputs, to wich yo can connect those to.
Think of those ports and connections as of virtual sockets, jacks and

3.: Make you first Recording

For your needs there s nothing better then Ardour. If you start it up
use a template to create a new session and in the session the
"Window/Connections"-Menue of Ardour to connect the first track to
alsa_pcm_capture if it not is already.... and set the track to
record(the little red button in its head)

Now you DAW is hot - you should hear your guitar if it is connected to
the input of your soundchip.  Hit record then play in Ardours
Drivecontrol left upper corner and your playing gets recorded :-)

> and maybe play around with drum
> beats later on

Start up Hydrogen and connect its output to another rack in Ardour (yes
- - you can connect software as well as soundcards seperately with jack to
whatever ports you want :-) )

Using Rosegarden is an Option also - here you have much less
possibilities to cut/arrange wave-recrdings but you can have MIDI-Tracks
for Drums/Bass/Synths/Ochestra/Godzillanoise etc directly parallel to
your wavetracks - much more comfortable if it comes to compose scores
for MIDI-Instruments...

> pretty new to this but a great interest of mine to write and record my
> own music.

Go for it ! :-)
LinxAudio has everything in store for this and you can see it grow with
good speed - have some passion and patience and you will get real far
with it :-)

good luck

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