What do you guys listen to? :)

Rafael F. Compte rfcompte at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 17:44:49 GMT 2007

I'm a classical guitar player, so I listen to a lot of classical music,
not just guitar, but anything. Especially Bach, Beethoven, Renaissance
music and a lot of contemporary from Stravinsky and Debussy.
I really like electroacustic music, like Stockhausen and Parmeggiani
that's the main reason I'm into audio software, from Ardour to Pure
Data. But I also do music arrangements, so notation is very important to
me. I mainly use Rosegarden and Lilypond.

I like a lot of rock (of the more classic kind), not so much metal, but
I do like the old Metallica though. My favorites: Pink Floyd and Led
Zeppelin. I'm very much into Radiohead now. Bjork also comes to my mind.
I recently saw her in concert and that blew me away !!


Rafael F.

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