Can't reboot

Tipton, Timothy Timothy.Tipton at
Wed Jun 13 14:48:39 BST 2007

Hello All,


I successfully installed Ubuntu Studio and have it updated, vid drivers
and the like - everything works decent so far. I have a few little
problems I'm trying to work through; however this is one that I am
completely frustrated by: When I go to reboot, for whatever reason, the
system will not reboot. It shuts down, so to speak, but then just hangs
there and never will reboot. I have to manually disconnect power and
boot it. I'm sure it is a process that is hanging, but I have no clue
how to do much of anything in a linux environment; at least not the
"behind the scenes type stuff". I'm looking for help troubleshooting
this problem.


Having said that, I'm a complete noob on linux, studio is my first stab
at being windows free - so any suggestions you have, I would appreciate
detailed instructions on how to accomplish.


Thank you so much for your help!


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