hello everybody

palmieri, ricardo ricardopalmieri at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 02:02:20 BST 2007

hi, studio users.
my name is palm, and i live in sao paulo, brasil.
im using ubuntustudio 1 month ago, in a dual core 3.0, 1gb ram, nvidia
geforce mx 440. everything is fine, xgk running, beryl perfect.
but i have troubles with my oxygen8 usb midi. i installed the midispost
firmware (via aptitude), after i tryied to built from source, but not work.
i can see my midiman in lsusb, but nothing in jack.

any suggestion?

thanks everybody.


ricardo palmieri
# 1185833173
[jabber: ricardopalmieri at xemele.cultura.gov.br]
[msn: ricardopalmieri at bol.com.br]
[linux user # 392484]
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