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Hello Marco,

I'm Jeff, and I've been involved in publishing as a writer, photographer and editor since 1972. I also play music, and for several years I was a television producer. So ... much of my work experience relates to media.

I'm curious what tools you have used in the past, before coming to Ubuntu? I think we might help one another more if we know more about our different backgrounds.

For photography and design, I have used Photoshop and several good shareware programs including Polyview, Irfanview and XnView (mostly in Windows, but some Photoshop on the Mac). I continue to use Photoshop at work, but I use the GiMP at home and I like it. For layout and design, I have used mainly Quark XPress and Adobe Pagemaker. I have used Adobe Illustrator only a little, and Inkscape a little less!

Welcome to Ubuntu Studio! Other than the GiMP, Most of my experience here so far is with Audacity, which I used first in Windows.


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> Who am i...
> I'm a designer from Portugal and I've been struggling to get in Linux for
> some months now.
> Well, the lack of everything is getting me installing windows then getting
> tired of it again, installing Linux, then windows again... iv been trying
> Ubuntu since v6.06.
> Surprisingly this latest version of Ubuntu worked better, and for the months
> that passed, iv being acquiring more understanding of the capabilities of
> Linux and how to work with it.
> I stumbled upon Ubuntu Studio some hours ago, witch made me yell at the
> office "THATS IT", the distribution that i was looking for. And it is, well,
> it might still don't do all the stuff that i want, but the principle is
> there (since at this time i m still downloading).
> Its the first time that i feel the will of being part of a community, and
> that is what i want. I'm a image and video professional, for 10 years now,
> for the audio i cant help much because simply i don't work with it. but i
> have a several musicians and sound technicians friends that i already phoned
> and passed the word of Ubuntu Studio, some of them i was already teaching
> the ways of Ubuntu. But today, everything has changed. :)
> I'm not quite sure how can i help on Ubuntu Studio, or even if you want or
> need my help.
> But i really would like to contribute in this.
> I will leave a thought, if developers develop Linux and other programs, its
> because they need the system and the applications to work better. But, if
> they aren't designers, why should they commit to develop "decent" designer's
> applications?
> Best regards,
> AK
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