Functionnal bug on Ubuntu Studio - Audio ? - Line6 POD Xt

Michael Honorez maxwelinux at
Fri Jul 27 10:13:23 BST 2007

I am a guitarist and as many guitarists I have got a line6 POD. Mine is a POD Xt pro.
With Dapper and even Edgy I thinkm  I use to do the following:
Plug the POD via USB in my lap top
plug a head set in the POD
plug my guitar in the POD.
On my laptop, the PODXt pro was recognize and I set it as my sound card.
So I could:
-start a MP3
-listen to this MP3 via the POD with my headset
-play guitar with the MP3 as a "backing track" and hear the mix with the headset.
With the announce of the Ubuntu Studio, I was excited becase I think I could push a bit.
My idea was to use the future Ubuntu Studio recorder to record my guitar via the POD Xt on my laptop.
I talked with a french ubuntero on telling me that the Feisty does not recognize anymore the POD xt Pro.
He try the Ubuntu Studio/audio and...even this distro does not recognize the POD xt Pro anymore.
On a distro like Ubuntu Studio with an Audio flavour, with all guitarists all around the world and with so many guitarists using the Line 6 POD,  could we consider that this is a functionnal bug? 
I consider to install Ubuntu Studio next week, but please could one of you can tell me if the Pod Xt can be recognize by Ubuntu studio and if not if there is a work around to allow it for the moment.
If so, i will install it and make some test to help you as I can with my nearly newbie Linux background.
Kind regards

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