[Ubuntu Studio] <----- Please prefix your subject line like this

Mark Stuart Burge mark at msbrepairs.com
Tue Jul 17 14:42:46 BST 2007

That does make sense if it is done server - side.

If you filter 'sender' 'begins with' "ubuntu" to 'move' all filtered 
messages to an 'ubuntustudio' folder then you will find that is sufficient.

It works for me anyway (using thunderbird)

Wolfram Kläger wrote:
> Ubuntu Studio is great and I am sure, everybody on this list is great. Unfortunately most posts, if not all, are deleted automatically, since nobody has a chance to configure his or her spam filter appropriately, as I am used to from other mailing lists. So I donŽt really know, how many questions and answers I get or miss here.
> There is a very simple solution. Prefix all subject lines with the short name of the list. Here '[Ubuntu Studio]'. Then chances are best, that everybody gets your message.
> Wolfram

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