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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at
Sat Jul 14 18:08:32 BST 2007

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olaf hochherz schrieb:
> o maybe i explaned it wrong.
> its the actual svn version.
> but i do things with sclang wich do not behave like an audio programm.
> somehow its normal that the programm is blocking the computer.
> the only thing is that it get a too high priority.
> how can i give a programm a low priority.

OK - now I get it ;-)
You can try to run the prog with moe niceness such as:

#nice -3 startcommandofyourprog

> what means the memlock line?

It allows jack to lock down memory. The RAM will only be used as needed
by jack. That is: if RAM is needed jack comes first to the amount given
in this line. If jack does not need all of the memory, other apps can
use it as usual. I have 1 Gig RAM and allow jack to lock up to 920000 -
works perfectly well.....

> thanks
> olaf
> Hartmut Noack wrote:
> hey olaf,
> olaf hochherz schrieb:
>>>> hey list
>>>> i use supercollider in a way that it is blocking the computer
> What version of SC is it? The Version from the repos is quite oldish...
>>>> , because 
>>>> it get a big priority i think it had to do with this:
>>>> @audio - rtprio 99
>>>> @audio - memlock 250000
>>>> @audio - nice -10
>>>> in:
>>>> /etc/security/limits.conf
> these are sane settings (if you have just 256 MB RAM....)
> I doubt, the problem lies with SC - all recent and well written
> Audioprogs should work well with your priority-settings...

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