M-audio firewire audiophile ¡help!

Asmo Koskinen asmo.koskinen at arkki.info
Sat Jul 7 11:34:16 BST 2007

Asmo Koskinen kirjoitti:
> If it is possible, go back to shop and try change that device to the 
> device that is supported.

Please everybody - you really should first find out what is working and 
what is not  - and then buy something:


This is the highest support level available. In order for a device to 
get this status two things are required:

    * At least one FFADO developer that has a device.

    * We have the necessary information to implement and debug

FFADO is tested on this platform and we are confident that the device 
will work fine. If not, we have a good shot at fixing the problem since 
we have decent information and a device to reproduce the problem with."


Best regards Asmo Koskinen.

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