Recording with ZynAddSubFX

D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at
Sun Dec 30 16:26:55 GMT 2007

On Sunday 30 December 2007, gabriel moreira wrote:
> Why it doesnot open like Qsinth, as a synthetizer on Rosegarden? With
> timbers to use as midi channels?

It does open like QSynth in that Rosegarden detects it and creates a 
connection for it automatically.  You may have to go into Manage MIDI Devices 
and find the one that says something about "ZynAddSubFX" and then change its 
name to something easier to recognize than "MIDI Synth 5" or whatever.

(A developer note to myself, why do we do this anyway?  I'll go raise this 
issue on the devel list.)

Go back to ZynAddSubFX.  I think it defaults to the complex mode, so go to 
Misc -> Switch Interface Mode to change to the simplified version.

Now toward the top middle, slightly left of center, you should see controls 
for Part with some up/down arrows, and an [ ] Enabled checkbox.  Check [x] 
Enabled on any parts you want active, then click on the "Click here to load 
an instrument" box.  (I can't actually read that box because Zyn isn't 
handling my larger-than-normal minimum font sizes very well, so I'm kind of 
guessing at what it actually says.)  Load something out of the default bank 
of patches, and away you go.

Then just point Rosegarden at the channels you used.  I have an all-Zyn 
composition sitting right here as a matter of fact.  It maps out like:

Channel   Factory Patch

1         Trash Synth 1
2         Arpeggio 8
3         SuperSaw 4
4         SuperSaw 2
5..9      [not enabled]
10        DrumsKit 1
12..16    [not enabled]

Now, I'm not sure how to do this using the more complex interface.  If you 
want to do that, you have a puzzle to solve for yourself.  For my purposes, 
the supplied factory patches are plenty sufficient, and I haven't fooled 
around with the synth controls in probably years.
D. Michael McIntyre 

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