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gduteil at a écrit :
> Selon "Cory K." <coryisatm at>:
>> Mike Dunphy wrote:
>>> I haven't actually used ubuntu studio yet, but I was wondering if
>>> there drivers for ubuntu for my handycam dcr-sr62 hard disk drive
>>> camcorder?  Sony doesn't have any on their website.  Sorry for the
>>> noobish question but I've never used the ubuntu studio packages before.
>> As a short answer I'll say if it works in Ubuntu then it works in Ubuntu
>> Studio. Ill look into this in further detail otherwise.
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> yes i have used in ubuntustudio
> i you try firewire iee1394 and linux or ubuntu in google
> you find a small response
> sorry for my english
Hi, if your camcoder is a firewire model or 1394 model with DV in/out, 
you don't need any kind of driver, because there's only one universal 
driver for all firewire or 1394 controler on motherboard or PCI card.

As soon as your camcoder is on VCR position, you are going to be able to 
capture DV recording with dvgrab or kino.

More informations here (but in french) :

- for firewire connexion :

- for capture with dvgrab :

- for capture with kino :

Have a good use...


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