Linux for design, but not real design.

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at
Thu Aug 23 16:23:08 BST 2007

Marco Alexandre a écrit :
> Hi,
> Removing Linux.
> 2 reasons.
> 1st. Lack of Linux support for Pantone standards. well, the thing is 
> not really about the Linux, but about the software that are available 
> for Linux. I m not sure about outside Portugal, but here, the design 
> and printing industry is based on Pantone standards. You simply cant 
> send printing designs for printing based on CMYK or RGB.
> 2nd. Yet about color, screen profiling... no hardware is supported by 
> Linux. And please, software profiling of screen is simply... amateur.
> Well, if you plan to work with web design or high-amateur design 
> projects, Ubuntu studio is the best.
> but for real, and true graphic design, publishing and printing... 
> forget it (or any other linux based system).
> For me isn't any more the thing about leaving tools like Photoshop 
> behind (10years of experience on this one), and learn a new one like 
> gimp or any other else. It's almost like only being able to do web 
> without the html this days.
> Color is part of the core of design, if we cant deal with it properly 
> on linux systems, we cant do design in linux period.
> I'm truly sad about this latest findings, and this time i consider it 
> final. Linux is out. And so it is Ubuntu Studio.
> Farewell.
Sorry for you, Free software maybe can't do everything, and good luck 
with restricted and propriatory(c) software...



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