Firefox/Flash with jackd

Charles philip Chan cpchan at
Sun Aug 19 15:33:17 BST 2007

"Charles philip Chan" <cpchan at> writes:

> I got it working now. It is a bug in ALSA lib which seem to affect the
> 1.0.13 version that ships with Ubuntu.

Update: I have now installed oss2jack also:

Every single one of my programs is working fine with jack output with
the exception of Flash 9. The strange thing is Flash 7 works fine. I
have since ditched Flash 9 and am now using a CVS version of Gnash
(include in Feisty):

I only use Flash for the the occasional clip on youtube, as long as that
works, I am happy.


The only other people who might benefit from Linux8086 would be owners
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