lexmark x73 scanner installation

Evan deepthinker22 at comcast.net
Sun Aug 19 15:01:36 BST 2007

I know this is unrelated but cory's email dosnt work for me I get invalid address. Cory E-Mail me we have a guy who came out and installed our coperate lexmark for large CAD drawings. Our document server and other programs run off of 1994 Silicon Graphics Unix Boxs. There old but it goes to show you how stable a unix is. Only crashed ONCE. Only had to shutdown ONCE. Anywas he wrote a driver that let those machines talk to the printer mabey he can make one for a debian multimedia if you didn't get it to work yet.  
Once again sorry but my E-mail is screwy (VISTA SUCKS!) 

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> As you are already getting help Ill let it go this time but DO NOT post 
> questions to this list that don't relate to multimedia production. 
> Basic questions such as this should go to the Ubuntu list or the forums. 
> -Cory 
> Edward & Arlys Schultz wrote: 
> > I need help bad. Im trying to inst a lexmark x73 scanner in 7.04 
> > fiesty fawn an cannot do it. I am not that good with linux yet so I 
> > need step by step help. any help would be greatly appericated.thanks Ed 
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