Firefox/Flash with jackd

Charles philip Chan cpchan at
Sun Aug 19 07:11:22 BST 2007

"D. Michael McIntyre" <michael.mcintyre at> writes:

> even after wading through reams of tutorial crap.  I just shut off
> JACK to run the flash player, and then start it back up when I need to
> use it for something.

I got it working now. It is a bug in ALSA lib which seem to affect the
1.0.13 version that ships with Ubuntu. After download the pristine
source of ALSA lib (1.0.14a, I upgrade all my ALSA packages) and
followng the directions here:

(don't forget to modify configure). I got it working. YMMV.


Because I don't need to worry about finances I can ignore Microsoft
and take over the (computing) world from the grassroots.
		-- Linus Torvalds
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