Firefox/Flash with jackd

D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at
Sun Aug 19 03:50:48 BST 2007

On Saturday 18 August 2007, Charles philip Chan wrote:
> simultaneously. With non-multichanneled cards, the latest ALSA defaults
> to setting up dmix- its software mixer plugin, but of course this is no
> good for production work.

Plus it doesn't ever work on my ice1712.  Ever.  I've never seen this working, 
even after wading through reams of tutorial crap.  I just shut off JACK to 
run the flash player, and then start it back up when I need to use it for 

I'd love a nice, tidy solution to this too.  I miss having a multichannel 
card.  The proffered solution does nothing for me.
D. Michael McIntyre 
(the most half-assed Linux audio developer on the planet; I'm still so stupid 
after five years that it makes me want to puke thinking about how much effort 
I've wasted to achieve so little)

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