Firefox/Flash with jackd

Mark Stuart Burge mark at
Sat Aug 18 22:20:39 BST 2007

If you have a cheap/second sound card, you could send oss to the 2nd 
sound card and patch the output to an input on the jacked sound card.

Chris Dawson wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am loving Ubuntu Studio.  It works so well, and I am having fun
> playing with the loads of software, rather than fighting to compile
> from source as you often have to with lesser known projects especially
> in the audio production realm.  Ubuntu Studio is just awesome.
> One thing I am struggling with:  how to get Flash (via Firefox) to
> play when jackd is running.  I have been able to get almost every app
> I need to work under jack:  Banshee works via gstreamer,
> Rosegarden/qsynth, mplayer (compiled from source for jack support),
> and even RealPlayer works using "jacklaunch realplay" which was very
> surprising.  But, for the life of me I cannot figure out a way to get
> Firefox and Flash to play when jackd is locking the soundcard.
> I thought I would get very clever and use kfusd and oss2jack to create
> a virtual dsp that could route sound into jack transparently.  The
> current kfusd from xiph does not compile, so I filed a bug and then
> tinkered to no avail.
> Has anyone successfully used mplayer (or other software) as a browser
> plugin to playback SWF and FLV files?  I have not tried this yet, but
> I suppose that could work as mplayer can route through jack.
> Does anyone know how to get this to work?  Flash playback is such an
> issue as once it grabs the sound card it does not let go until you
> kill Firefox.  This makes it so frustrating when doing research and
> testing apps with jack because you have to kill the browser each time.
> I still love Ubuntu Studio, tho!
> Thanks!
> Chris

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