[ubuntu-studio-devel] Congratulations on Ubuntu Studio being so Groovy

Ross Gammon rosco at ubuntustudio.org
Fri Oct 23 14:03:40 UTC 2020

Hi All,

I apologise for being a little bit absent during the Groovy release
cycle. There were a few personal issues to sort out which I don't want
to go into on a public list.

But I have actually been running Ubuntu Studio Groovy for the last month
on a spare machine in my Study. And I am starting to get used to
KDE/Plasma which I have never used before. The machine will probably be
moved into my little music studio eventually, as it is a much newer and
faster machine.

I just wanted to sing the praises of all the fantastic work that has
been going on while I was on the sidelines! Great stuff.

And also to say that I should be able to spend a bit more time helping
out this coming cycle.



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