[ubuntu-studio-devel] New Live Music Control Application

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Mon Sep 9 15:33:45 UTC 2019

On Mon, 9 Sep 2019, Elias Kesh wrote:

> I've been writing and using this over the last few years and was 
> wondering if there is any interest in open sourcing it . It's written 
> using GTK and WebKit and can control guitarix, sooperlooper, fluidsynth, 
> hydrogen and a few others. I'm looking for feedback and interest levels. 
> Here is a quick overview video.
> https://youtu.be/Y8flGCnV-j0

Intreresting. What kind of open source licence were you thinking of? Some 
are more compatable with debian/ubuntu than other. This seems to be a mix 
of session manager and control application. I have seen people who use 
such things but I am not one of them because I get confused doing complex 
real time things beyond playing the instrument itself ;)  But for people 
who do one man band with looping and backing this could be quite useful. I 
guess it could easily work for taking a MIDI controller foot switch and 
making a stomp box (a la Mod duo) wth a pi4 or nuc as well.

How hard is it to program? some people would have no trouble with HTML 
programing, others would want some sort fo GUI.

I guess we have to ask the hard questions too. What GUI does it use? and 
will it be maintained? People tend to look is askance at things where 
there has been no commits for ages (years). How would you host the code? 
(github, launchpad, etc.)

Anyway, I do think it looks like a useful application. I think before we 
look at packaging it, we would want to see the how the code fits together 
for ease of packaging... not the make a package that works kind of 
packaging but rather the making the package acceptable for publishing part 
(means passes lint at least)

It would be too late to have appear in 19.10 at this point, but plenty of 
time to hit 20.04.

Len Ovens

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