[ubuntu-studio-devel] Ubuntu Studio 19.10 and Xubuntu 19.04 and dual quad core Xeon E5335 CPUs

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Thu Oct 3 16:34:48 UTC 2019


IIRC there were several 5.2 and/or 5.3 kernel issues related mails on
the Arch general mailing list. Arch is a rolling release, however, it
provides a LTS kernel, that at the moment is at 4.19.76 and actually
Ubuntu's 16.04 lowlatency is

[root at archlinux moonstudio]# systemd-nspawn apt -qq list linux-lowlatency 2>/dev/null
linux-lowlatency/xenial-updates,xenial-security,now amd64 [installed]

Assuming the machine does use the same set-up for 16.04 and updated
Ubuntu installs, my shot in the dark is a kernel regression, since the
OP doesn't experience a noticeable performance issue when using the same
machine, with a 16.04 lowlatency kernel and IIRC some 5.x kernels with
some hardware and software are fishy.


On Thu, 3 Oct 2019 08:16:59 -0700 (PDT), Len Ovens wrote:
>You will notice if you play with it much that hdmi audio has very
>large buffers as a minimum size. They will not accept 256 sample
>buffers, they are too small.

That might explain why audio output via my LCD display always works when
using Ubuntu flavour live DVDs, but never worked, if I tried to use my
Ubuntu 16.04 or Arch Linux install. OTOH I used the default audio of
the live DVDs, IOW most likely pulseaudio, and I used jackd from
command line, when running a 16.04 or Arch session, _but_ I didn't get
any jack/alsa messages mentioning an issue, there's just no audio
output. I'll try to test it next week with bizarre high frame rates.

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