[ubuntu-studio-devel] Installing this ppa on my UbuntuStudio desktop1804 broke my keyboard's multimedia keys

Erich Eickmeyer eeickmeyer at ubuntu.com
Fri May 24 14:39:33 UTC 2019

Hi Phillip,

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On Fri, 2019-05-24 at 11:45 +0000, Nosphky wrote:
> Yesterday I discovered the LTS backport so decided to install the ppa
> on
> my desktop. The first thing I noticed (after the change in icons) was
> that my multimedia keyboard volume controls (mute, volume up and
> volume
> down) no longer worked.
> I searched the Ubuntu forums and found this thread :
> https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2418167&highlight
> =ubuntustudio-ppa%2C+backports
> where the o.p. had the same problem  on 1804 backports (and also on
> 1904).
> His workaround was to kill the 'xfce4-volumed' process and restart
> it.
> This works for me too but it is a bit tedious as a long term
> solution.
> [snip]

It's not the PPA since the PPA doesn't contain anything that would
affect xfce4-volumed.

Rather, this is a known bug in xfce4-volumed (
We were informed recently that xfce4-volumed is no longer developed and
as such has been subject to bitrot. 

I worked with the Xubuntu team and found out they no longer even
install it, meaning it is depricated. Their solution was to remove
xfce4-volumed, install xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin, and add the Pulseaudio
plugin to the panel. In my tests this works very well.

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about this in currently
supported releases. I have made the changes to the default panel for
future releases, but at this point there's nothing that can be done for
past releases.

The reason this went overlooked for some time is because the Ubuntu
Studio team was very inactive prior to my arrival and cooperation with
the Xubuntu team went by the wayside. As such, I hope to reestablish
those relationships so that things like this don't go unnoticed in the

Also, please understand that we're a very small team, and, due to the
years of inactivity, there's still stuff that is being cleaned-up.

Erich Eickmeyer
Council Chair/Project Leader
Ubuntu Studio


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