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Helios Martinez Dominguez helios.cobain.stefani at gmail.com
Wed May 8 15:52:08 UTC 2019


I must recognize i have been away some time trying out a different
distribution which proved itself way more stable for navigation and
everyday tasks than Ubuntu Studio, beyond media production itself. I even
tried to customize a Linux Distribution from scratch over it, adding media
production software, unsuccessfully.

I refer to Kali Linux <https://www.kali.org/> Distribution, a Penetration
Testing distribution also based on Debian which meant a lot more stability
about networking to me, which i use a lot. It's repository is somehow
blocked. I intended upgrading and/or adding packages without fruitful
results. I mention it because i would love to have the same stability i
enjoy on it within our Ubuntu Linux distribution, although i myself could
not grasp even upgrading packages into it without having to reinstall from
scratch a few times, until i simply surrendered stating i don't seem to be
prepared enough for the task. There is plenty of documentation on the site
about configuring a custom distribution from it. I'm sorry if this is not
the place to contribute in this way, but i really would appreciate somebody
taking a look at it as a possible core to media production distro, which i
tried myself without positive results. It has not substituted at all Ubuntu
Studio distribution for media production and design, but switching from
distro to distro sometimes turns awkward as i would rather avoid reseting
and bootstrapping each time a change of functions is needed. Sorry again if
there's no disposition about it or I misplaced the scope.
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