[ubuntu-studio-devel] Owner ship of the core-team

Set Hallstrom set at ubuntustudio.org
Mon May 6 06:55:03 UTC 2019


For the record i have transfered ownership of the US-core team to
eeickmeyer (https://launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-core)

Sorry it took so long. I don't have any good explanation for it: i just
kept forgetting.

I hope this hasn't caused any troubles or delays.

I put my subscription to automagically be canceled on may 31st in order
to give some time in case something would have gone wrong and avoid
ending up locking us out. Pretty sure everything is fine though.

Regardless how short of time i managed to dedicate to the project, and
the fact that i wasn't able to be involved for as long as i had
committed, which i am very sorry for, It's been a honor to work with
each and everyone of you. I will stay in the PR team and maybe
documentation... Either-way i will probably pop up here and there to
cheer and help when i can.

Have a great week everyone!

Set Hallstrom aka sakrecoer
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