[ubuntu-studio-devel] xfce4-screensaver

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Tue Mar 12 02:01:31 UTC 2019

On Mon, 11 Mar 2019, Janne Jokitalo wrote:

> On Sun, Mar 10, 2019 at 04:17:57PM +0100, Ross Gammon wrote:
>> There was some discussion about the use of screensavers in general and
>> it was decided that in the days of flatscreens the original purpose has
>> disappeared, and the fact that in audio and video we might want to watch
>> some rendering/mastering chuntering along for quite a while, that
>> screensavers did not make much sense. I think the power management
>> settings would need to be fiddled with to get the screensaver to work
>> instead of blanking.
> From my perspective, the point isn't so much in saving the screen, but rather
> the possibility to lock the session with it. I understand that not everybody
> have their machines in locations where other people frequently share the space,
> but I think it's quite a strong usecase to consider, nonetheless.
> I do realize that every additional piece of software running causes some
> unneeded overhead, so I'm of course willing to see it opt-in by default.

I think any discussion was of the light hearted kind. I do like just 
having things blank, I do not ever put my machine to sleep but If I did so 
it would be by user action not time. I also don't expect or ever want some 
action to happen just because another drive or disk apears. However, all 
of those things are configurable. Certainly if litelocker is suffering bit 
rot and/or Xubuntu is moving away from it and there is actually an 
xfce-variant, we should use it. The DE should be as close to what Xubuntu 
ships as possible without interfering with audio/video stabillity. The 
UbuntuStudio iso should install the same way as Xubuntu with a Studio 
install on top.

The only gripe I have with xfce is that 
/etc/xdg/menus/xfce-applications.menu is "won't fix" (along with gnome and 
lxde) KDE has it right. The user should be able to change the whole menu 
layout without admin priv. just for that user. Anyway, rant over  ;)  it 
is what it is. (And besides menus are on their way out cause people only 
use two applications on a computer, the browser and.... I forget the other 

Len Ovens

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