[ubuntu-studio-devel] Solution to my problem

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Wed Jul 17 20:10:35 UTC 2019

On Wed, 17 Jul 2019, Mike Squires wrote:

> I did notice the following things about "grub":
> If there is only a 18.04 Studio partition on the disk "grub" does not 
> seem to be automatically installed, and the grub menu does not appear.  
> I tried this twice with two different DVDs, same result.

Grub is still installed, but if there is only one OS installed it does not 
bother to show the menu but rather boots the default kernel. This should 
be the same with any ubuntu flavour.

> When "grub" is installing it finds two LINUX kernels to boot but both 
> are labeled as "low latency" when being installed by "grub". Is the 
> second one really a version without the "low latency" mods?

The top two kernel entries should be explained (and there is work to 
change this). There was a problem with installing the lowlatency kernel 
but it was not A) listed as such and B) if there was also a generic kernel 
installed, the one with the latest date/time would be the default. At the 
time, the generic kernel often came out a day or two before the lowlatency 
so that one was never sure of the boot was generic or lowlatency. Editing 
system files from another package is concidered bad form and so the way 
around it was to insert a new file that searched for the latest lowlatency 
kernel and then put it first. After this the normal code would look for 
the overall newest kernel and display it in the default fashion... with no 
idea of what it may be. So the first kernel is correctly labeled as 
lowlatency. The second one is not labeled at all and is the default latest 
kernel which may be lowlatency or generic. It is (in a stock Studio 
install) the same as the first entry. Hopefully, for 19.10 there will be a 
latest lowlatency listed as default and only if a generic kernel exists 
will there be a second entry wich will be labeled as generic. Should the 
user decide to remove the lowlatency kernel then the only entry should be 
the generic entry... (I know clear as mud, but hopefully clear to the user 
as implemented)

Len Ovens

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