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Peter Reppert preppert at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 16:59:50 UTC 2019

Hi, everyone.  Just a note to say I saw the discussion.  I haven't looked
at version 19.04 - any and all helpful updates to the Audio Manual are
encouraged!  I finally got around to trying out LinVST and that was a huge
disappointment, first because it's a very messy install that stumped me,
and second because it turns out that even though it converts .dll's to .so
files, it *still* requires Windows.  I didn't bother with AirWave because
it appears to also require Wine.  I added a paragraph about these here:

There's something to be said for getting the most out of the plugins that
run natively.  But it's too bad that there just aren't more Unix versions
put out by the various soft synth developers.  In the end, musicians are
going to want the big crayon box, and with the least hassle. Let me know if
I've got anything wrong or if there's a solution in the works.  As for the
Calf situation - seems worth a clarifying word in the appendix, no?
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