[ubuntu-studio-devel] Fwd: [ubuntu-studio-users] Updates for February 2019

Ross Gammon rosco at ubuntustudio.org
Mon Feb 18 15:53:09 UTC 2019

OK - if Simon is busy, it is best to go through the process so that
other sponsors might jump in. We can also then ping Simon, pointing him
at the bug (with patch ready for sponsorship).

I will start looking at it.

We also have some other updated packages in the autobuilders (like
wallpapers & default settings etc.).

On 2/18/19 4:37 PM, Erich Eickmeyer wrote:
> On Mon, 2019-02-18 at 14:59 +0100, Ross Gammon wrote:
>> [snip]
>>>     Updated Ubuntu Studio Controls
>>> This is really a bit of a bugfix for the version of Ubuntu Studio
>>> Controls that landed in 18.10. Ubuntu Studio Controls dramatically
>>> simplifies Audio setup for the JACK Audio Connection Kit on your
>>> Ubuntu
>>> installation, and is the only GUI tool that enables JACK to
>>> automatically detect hotplugged USB Audio devices along with
>>> allowing
>>> more than one audio device to be connected to JACK simultaneously.
>> I can't see a new package ready for upload, other than the autobuilt
>> one. Can I help with this (try and get an upload sponsored)?
> This is correct, and the backports PPA has it as well. We had tapped
> Simon Quigley to upload & sponsor the new packages, but he might be
> busy. If you want to go for it, have at it.
>>>     Addition of Ubuntu Studio Backports PPA
>> [snip)
>> Excellent idea. The official "Ubuntu Backports" are not being
>> processed.
>> Doing our own will be much easier. However, I think it would be a
>> good
>> idea to create a mailing list for people to contact at:
>> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-ppa
>> This is where users with questions or bugs are referred to on the ppa
>> page.
>> In any case, bugs for the backported packages should probably be
>> tracked
>> on our "upstream" bug task (not the source/archive tracker).
> I aggree. Apport won't even let a bug report be processed for a package
> that is in a PPA, as far as I know.
>>>     New Features in Ubuntu Studio Installer
>> [snip]
>> Same as for controls. Can I help try and get an upload of the latest
>> sponsored?
>>>     New Tool: Carla
>> [snip]
>> Excellent. I was reading through the Audio Handbook yesterday, and
>> thought of starting to package Carla for Debian (again). But when I
>> saw
>> your recent commits, I thought I would hold off. Again, can I help
>> try
>> and get Carla sponsored for Ubuntu? I could upload it to Debian, but
>> it
>> would probably sit in the NEW queue for a while, as Debian is now in
>> release freeze. We could try an upload to Ubuntu first.
> This is another package I was having Simon sponsor, but he hasn't
> looked at it yet either. The other packages are pretty much bugfixes
> since they're noot new packages, but this one would be brand new. If we
> can get it in before feature freeze, I think when falktx does the final
> release of 2.0, we might be able to get it in as a bugfix. The version
> packaged is 2.0-RC3.
> There is one more new package in the bunch, and that's grub2-themes-
> ubuntustudio. It's a fork of grub2-themes-ubuntu-mate, and some of the
> newer versions of packages in -look depend on it.
> So, if you want to work on that (now that you're back from yet another
> trip you globetrotter!), that would be very much appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Erich

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