[ubuntu-studio-devel] On Vacation & Feature Freeze

Ross Gammon rosco at ubuntustudio.org
Sat Aug 31 12:43:46 UTC 2019

On 8/22/19 2:09 PM, eeickmeyer at ubuntu.com wrote:
> For session handling, we're including raysession which uses much of the Non Session Manager API. We cannot include Non Session Manager itself as the way its source code is arranged conflicts with the method used for Ubuntu and Debian packaging. Really, it's a long story, but the method of packaging that would be used is incompatible.

Jaromir started packaging NTK in preparation for the Non-* stuff. From
memory the packaging was hard, but not impossible. He is not so active
these days. I could try picking up where he left off if it is worth the
effort. Obviously,like everything I do, it would take some time.


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