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Ross Gammon rosco at ubuntustudio.org
Thu Apr 25 11:14:25 UTC 2019

Hi All,

Now that Erich and I have permission to upload some stuff, Erich and I
discussed with cyphermox on IRC if there were any websites we could
tweak to get a view of the state of our packages.

I have forked one of the suggestions and had a bit of a play:

At the moment I am manually uploading to my people.ubuntu.com site. Once
we have it working, we should look for a less manual solution.

It shows all of the packages that "germinate" generates from our seed.
This is a lot of packages (2000 odd). I tried generating an additional
page that just shows the packages tagged as being in our package-set,
but this has a bug at the moment where all the same packages are tagged
as on the main page.

I added some code to find the upstream version using the Debian "watch"
service. This slows things down greatly (40 odd minutes to run the
script), but saved me manually entering all the upstream URLs.

Despite this, there are still quite a few "untracked" packages that we
need to find the correct upstream for (and add this to packages.py).



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