[ubuntu-studio-devel] Some thoughts, frustrations, and considerations.

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Wed Sep 26 23:29:33 UTC 2018

On Wed, 26 Sep 2018, ttoine wrote:

> > After all, the point is to be able to install an optimised system without
> spending a lot of time searching for all the software, plugins and configurations

> You can do that with some metapackages, scripts, or even a tutorial. Does that
> justify the work and energy to maintain a distribution? Maybe this energy could
> be more useful to help AVLinux or KXStudio? Just questions, please don't see any
> attack here.

avlinux and kxstudio are both good sets of SW. Both are audio only though. 
However, with graphics/video, adding sw is relatively sane. Audio, where 
live use is not needed is also quite straight forward, install and go 
kinds of stuff. There are some places where avlinux, kxstudio and some 
other ideas just fall down. Tutorials would be a great help for many 
things such as figuring out how to best use the hardware you already have, 
be it finding a suitable USB plug or using a USB mic for input while 
monitoring with onboard audio (neither avl or kx even try to deal with 
theses things). Studio at least deals with the second, but it would be 
nice to have some better tools for dealing with the first. Even something that 
goes through audio devices looking for irq conflicts.

I think linux audio still has a ways to go.

Len Ovens

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