[ubuntu-studio-devel] Happy to test

Mike Squires michael.leslie.squires at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 18:20:20 UTC 2018

I have Ubuntu Studio installed on the following machines:

Supermicro X7DAE dual Xeon, 3ware 9550 controller, M-Audio sound, Radeon 

HP Envy 17T laptop, Intel i7 CPU and Intel and nVidia video controllers

Dell E6230 laptop

Server back end in the house is all FreeBSD including a 1U 
firewall/router, 4U Opteron file server, 4U Opteron backup server, and 
an HP tape library.

My primary machine, the X7DAE, is fitted with a pluggable carrier for 
the boot device so I can do installations without bothering my 
production system.  With the other systems there is sufficient space to 
do Clonezilla backups before test installations.

My real interest in Ubuntu Studio is as an amateur recordist using Zoom 
H2N, H4N, and a Focusrite interace with 2 Samson small format condensers 
(so far connected to a Macbook Pro but will be trying out Studio soon).  
All recording so far is two channel so Audacity works fine.

I'm also doing rudimentary video editing using OpenShot (easy) and 
looking at Cinelerra-CV (much harder).

I started with a Radio Shack 16B running XENIX/68K in 1985 
(...!ncoast!siralan!mikes) and then migrated to SCO UNIX, 386BSD, and 
FreeBSD.  When beginning with open source operating systems I was the PC 
specialist for the Indiana University Computer Science department, and 
the systems staff had a very low opinion of the early versions of LINUX, 
thus the FreeBSD focus.

I am a competent system administrator and have rudimentary programming 
skills, but am quite experienced in installations, including those from 
source (for a long time all FreeBSD installations after the initial 
install were from source so compiler optimizations optimized for the 
user's system could be used).

Thanks for the work on Ubuntu Studio; if it has to be laid down I'll be 
sorry but understand the problems of working in a volunteer system.

Mike Squires

Michael L. Squires, Ph.D., M.P.A.
546 North Park Ridge Road
Bloomington, IN 47408
Home phone:  812-333-6564
Cell phone:  812-369-5232
www.siralan.org or www.smithgreensound.com
UN*X at home since 1985

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