[ubuntu-studio-devel] New GRUB Theme! And, progress reports anyone?

Thomas Pfundt captain-tux at protonmail.ch
Mon Nov 12 01:34:55 UTC 2018

On 6 Nov 2018, 04:20, Erich Eickmeyer wrote:
> Let me know what you think!

Hi Erich, sorry for my late reply. My main machine is still running on 16.04 and I just managed to install 18.10 to test it.

I like the GRUB theme. Way more fitting than the standard one. However, I noticed a huge black overlay appearing before boot. I don't know if that's normal or has to do with my GPU, but it was a bit irritating.

As far as the Plymouth screen is concerned, that should be revisited, definitely. I've attached a small image of what I would see on my widescreen display, had I activated the splash. Others don't look perfect either, but ours is by far the worst.

I've looked at the script and could take a shot at it to see what can be done, if noone's already working on it. I'm not a programmer, but I have friends who should be able to help out if I run against a wall. Otherwise, there's the option to just take another splash and replace the grapics, as well.

In the last meeting, I mentioned the possibilty of taking over social duties. I've made a Mastodon account, but couldn't access the arts-server, so I haven't contacted Eylul, yet. I'll just write her an e-mail anyway, as the interface should be similar, I just couldn't login with my personal account.

As far as all other profiles are concerned, I can take care of those as well, if I get the login data. Do I need to join a Launchpad group or have I missed something?

Best regards,
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