[ubuntu-studio-devel] Proofreading for recent blog post

Jacob Kauffmann jacob at nerdonthestreet.com
Wed May 23 19:47:51 UTC 2018


I found the 18.10 blog post (published on May 14, 2018) through a link on DistroWatch, and while reading through, I noticed several typos/grammatical mistakes. Please do not take this the wrong way; I like Ubuntu Studio as a project, and I want it to have a professional image so people can feel confident about it as an operating system choice. If whoever's in charge of the website wishes to fix the typos, here they are:

Paragraph 1: "remaining with what you you have" - the word "you" is repeated by mistake.

Paragraph 2: "an unique flavor" - a common mistake for non-native speakers, if a word starts with the letter "U" but that letter makes the sound of a "Y," it is preceded with "a," not "an." So it should be "a unique flavor." In addition to being technically correct, this also sounds much more natural.

Paragraph 5: "a close decedent" - the word "decedent" means a dead person. It sounds like you meant "descendant," something that has developed from an earlier version.

Nepomuk bullet point: "performance problems in Plama 4" - obviously should be "Plasma 4."

Myth 3 section: this section abruptly ends with "Xfce will remain to be offered" and no punctuation. I'm not sure if that sentence got cut off or if it's just missing a period at the end, but either way, it's pretty glaring the way it is right now.

If the Ubuntu Studio project has any interest in having a proofreading contributor to check for issues like these before publishing the posts (or setting up a system to provide mechanical feedback like this more directly), I would be happy to volunteer for that. Otherwise, thanks for your attention.

- Jacob Kauffmann

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