[ubuntu-studio-devel] DE trials

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Thu May 10 17:31:42 UTC 2018

I have been running kubuntu since yesterday. I am pretty impressed. The 
stock menu is fine and our menu fits with no hack (unlike everything else 
I might add). The stock kubuntu theme has reasonable sized handles and the 
focused window has a contrasting colour top decoration. The only fix 
needed is:
Which would also be needed for gimp. This fix creates a file:
we could create a copy of this file where we store the jack fix and 
prepend it to any local file of that name. It would not be hard. I would 
not go to the trouble of changing the Applications Launcher out for the 
Application Menu which I prefer but rather leave it stock. I like the 
Application Menu because everything works on hover rather than having to 
click ones way through the menu tree.

I would (no matter the DE chosen) like to see at least two workspaces 
available and a worspace switcher on the panel. However, I realize that 
kde feels that activities are a better way to go (they may be right) and 
so maybe setting up a small set of activies would be a better solution. 
Any of the gripes I have had about kde in the past seem to have been 
fixed. The desktop audio applet is no longer obscure and would not require 
making sure pavucontrol is installed.

Basically, kubuntu has no more issues than xfce that I can see. It seems 
to be easy to change as the user wishes.

It would be nice if middle click on the desktop did not create a post it 
note :P

Personally, this is the best experience I have had yet. I think in some 
things better than xfce.

Len Ovens

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