[ubuntu-studio-devel] LiveFS ubuntustudio/cosmic/amd64 failed to build on 20180507

erich at ericheickmeyer.com erich at ericheickmeyer.com
Tue May 8 05:39:07 UTC 2018

On Mon, 2018-05-07 at 16:31 -0400, lukefromdc at hushmail.com wrote:
> Turning everything into snaps is a good way to balloon install size
> out to
> Windows proportions. I still remember Windows specifying 30+GB system
> install space as recommeded in the late 2000s when I could get all
> of 
> UbuntuStudio into well under 5GB.
> Whichever package is smaller as a snap is probably what you want to
> exile

The workaround will be, once the snap version of GIMP 2.10 is
available, to install that version. In the meantime, we're looking at
options to upgrade MyPaint to a GIT version of 1.3 in order to make the
two coinstallable again. At that point, we might be able to get an
exceptional Stable Release Update.

I think the consensus at this time is to avoid including large SNAPs
like this one as much as possible.

The entire issue is outlined in a new blog post on the website here: ht

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