[ubuntu-studio-devel] walpapers and contests

pascalcmao at gmail.com pascalcmao at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 19:53:18 UTC 2018

thanks !

Hi Pascal!

In case you missed it:

In the past, what we have done for wallpapers are contests where we
invite the community to send propositions to a flickr account and then
we setup votes for the 20 most popular ones.
If you are interested in organizing such a contest, it would be of great
value! :) It tends to invest the users and generate good PR/promotion.
Either way, you are welcome to share links to your wallpapers on the
user mailing-list:
(note that links are better. It's general good practice to avoid
attaching large files to your email when sent to mailing-list.)

Set Hallstrom aka sakrecoer

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