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Yes, the social media could need more love. cfhowlet used to do a good
job with it. But his time is also limited. Managing the socialmedia is
very time consuming and requires fairly quick response. And then there
is creating content to have something to post..

However, i can't even begin to describe how much hope i'm feeling from
reading you, Erich and pcmao: if you are willing to donate the necessary
time and energy, you are most welcome! :) For facebook there is no need
for password, i can make you a moderator, or whatever they call it. For
twitter, i need i can make you a team member with twitters
"tweetdeck.twitter.com" Than there is the youtube channel. And i think
the same applies there. So no need for passwords anymore...

I need you both to sign the code of conduct before though.

@Erich: I'm glad to see you are using the GPG key. I wasn't able to
locate your launchpad profile, will you send it to me?

@pcmao: can you also provide me with your launchpad profile link?

In case you are struggling with it, here is a howto:

Looking forward to have you on board!


On 2018-03-28 22:05, Erich Eickmeyer wrote:
> I have a lot of ideas to help revitalize Ubuntu Studio, but I’m,
> unfortunately, not the one with the keys to the social media sites.
> Alan Pope of Canonical is now aware that I’m on the project, and
> maybe we’ll see where things go from there. As for the social media
> accounts, I don’t even know who would have the keys to those in order
> to get some publicity out there, but maybe Set might know. Either
> way, it’s good to see some attention being drawn.
>> On Mar 28, 2018, at 11:49 AM, lukefromdc at hushmail.com wrote:
>> What is probably going on is that linux users are installing the
>> base system, then using online search tools to find what programs
>> they need for their workflow and installing those programs..
>> On 3/28/2018 at 12:22 PM, pcmao at laposte.net wrote:
>>> "That is something I hope to rectify. Since I have deep contacts
>>>  with some of the most listened-to linux podcasts, I hope to get
>>> the word out that we’re still a thing."
>>> Of course you/we are ! :) Ubuntu studio is one of the (last and 
>>> best) audio/vidéo/photo distro for linux. stopped projects:
>>> Agnula, fervent softwate studio to go, 64studio, outdated:
>>> Kxstudio strange: Avlinux Librazik:  cannot install librazik on
>>> my computers maybe it's me but seems install is broken Planet
>>> CCRMA I don't know if it's still on alive, tango studio, stopped
>>> etc.
>>> LTS is really great, 18.04 preview is good too. Noticed
>>>  only few bugs with 18.04 lts. I'm no dev but I can help with bug
>>> report if needed I took a lot of photos of my country several
>>> years ago, I needed I can give them for screensavers or themes.
>>> (Must find them lol they are on an old DVD)
>>> Linux world  need almost ONE distro for creation. But when I take
>>> a look to twitter/google+ US accounts, the  ... last messages
>>> sent by Ubuntu Studio are very old ( summer 2016) So you/we
>>> cannot expect new users.
>>> regards
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