[ubuntu-studio-devel] Ubuntu Studio For Musicians handbook

Peter Reppert preppert at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 16:49:52 UTC 2018


I am not sure how to properly reply to this mail list, so pardon me if this
does not end up in the correct thread.

Here is my launchpad account to join the documention team:

I wrote this handbook in LibreOffice Writer, so it's in ODT format for now.
Please let me know if I should save it as something else, and it would be
very helpful to know specifically where/how to post it.  So far I saw "a
documentation wiki".  I hesitated to send it here as an attachment, but let
me know if that would make sense prior to posting it. I am fine with it
being open for editing and can put together a short list of things I was
hoping to add.
    This does not attempt to be a comprehensive manual, more of a quick
survey and reference handbook with some tricks that even experienced users
may have never tried or just want to refer back to quickly.  "Stuff I wish
I knew/had in one place when I first started using Ubuntu Studio".  I could
not find anything like it, and figured if there is, writing this still
wasn't wasted effort.  Enough said until I'm better oriented. Glad there is
some interest.

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