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I wrote a handbook called "Ubuntu Studio For Musicians" that covers most of
the out-of-the-box programs, recording, mastering, making a CD, the basics
of sound synthesis, and revkiews of some free VST instruments (see TOC
below).    I would like to put this guide in the public domain, and would
like to know the best way to go about it?  Parts of it could possibly be
incorporated into the wiki pages (i just put in a request for a wiki
documentation account).

I have been using Ubuntu Studio for a few years and relying mostly on the
forum for answers (along with the excellent online Ardour manual).  Let me
know if you think this 50-page handbook would be useful, and if so, could I
get help editing it? Also where it might be posted as a standalone manual
and easily found?  This was written with version 16.04, and is intended for
beginner/intermediate users.

Table Of Contents

1. About this book
    Who this book is for
    Why buy this book?
    How to use this book – know what's possible
    Companion matter, if any  - web site, disk, etc.
    About the author/acknowledgements

2. Getting started
    Gear on a budget
    How to find out if your old laptop can run Ubuntu
    System Requirements
    Running Ubuntu from media
    Installing Ubuntu Studio
    Configuring and testing your soundcard
    Connecting with JACK and Patchage

3. Overview of out-of-the-box instruments and effects
    Sound Generators
        Qsynth, drumkv1, samplev1
    Audio Processors
        Make your guitar a MIDI controller
    Tools and Utilities
        Major file types
        Tools for DJs
            Internet DJ Console
4. Basic recording for musicians

5. Using VST plugins
    Install Wine
    Install and run Carla
    Configuring and using Carla

6. Advanced recording in Ardour
    MIDI tracks
    Fade-in Fade-out
    Grouping tracks
    Creating a bus and inserting effects
    Additional advanced topics

7. Mixing and mastering

8. Creating your own SoundFont with Swami

9. Sharing your music
    Creative Commons
    Copyright registration
    Royalty collection agencies
    Making a CD
    Sheet music with MuseScore

10. Sound synthesis 101
    Knob acronyms
    Ten Things To Try On Any Synthesizer
    Approaches to sound synthesis
    Patch tutorials
        Funk Bass
        Crafting Noise
    Using the command line
    Links and resources
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