[ubuntu-studio-devel] ubuntu-studio-devel Digest, Vol 134, Issue 3

Mike Squires michael.leslie.squires at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 19:02:12 UTC 2018

I'm interesting in helping with Ubuntu Studio.

I currently run it on three platforms - a Supermicro dual quad core Xeon 
(M-Audio sound card), an HP Envy 17T laptop, and a Dell E6230 laptop.

I've been doing simple things and dreaming about more complicated things 
- audio with Audacity primarily.  I tried to use the installed version 
of OpenShot but found output to be difficult and then installed from the 
developer the current stable version, which worked well.  I used this 
OpenShot to merge H2N sound with a 1080P video taken by a camera.

I'm interested in using Ardour and Cinelerra-CV in the future.

I've been running UN*X systems at home since 1985, starting with Tandy 
XENIX-68K and moving through UNIX V to BSD386 and FreeBSD.  I use 
FreeBSD current versions on the home servers (a 1U Xeon router; a 6U 
Opteron file server, a 6U Opteron backup server, a 4U Opteron music 
server, HP tape library).  I have administered Sun servers but spent 
most of my time administering MS Windows servers and clients.

I'm retired, but got my last job partly because my home systems used 
automated backup to a tape library.

I've done a little work debugging the FreeBSD Broadcom GigE on Tyan 
Opteron platforms.

My audio interests are currently recording local musicians primarily 
using devices like the Zoom H2N and H4N, but I've also used a crossed 
pair of small format condensers with a Focusrite box and Macbook Pro 
(next time will be with Ubuntu Studio on the HP Envy). I also do PA work 
on a pro bono basis as a hobby, have just ended a week of doing sound 
for our local civic theater's cabaret production of "Queen Cabaret" 
using an old Peavey mixer and Mackie or JBL Eon powered loudspeakers.

Mike Squires

Mike Squires
michael.leslie.squires at gmail.com
"Michael Leslie Squires" on Facebook
812.369.5232 (cell; I text)
www.siralan.org or www.smithgreensound.com
UN*X at home since 1986

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