[ubuntu-studio-devel] Introducing the potential new Ubuntu Studio Council

Ross Gammon rosco at ubuntustudio.org
Fri Feb 23 13:16:36 UTC 2018

Introducing the potential new Ubuntu Studio Council

Back in 2016, Set Hallström was elected as the  new Team Lead for
Ubuntu Studio, just in time for the 16.04 Xenial Long Term Support
(LTS) release. It was intended that Ubuntu Studio would be able to
utilise Set's leadership skills at least up until the next LTS
release in April 2018. Unfortunately, as happens occasionally in the
world of volunteer work, Set's personal circumstances changed and he is
no longer able to devote as much time to Ubuntu Studio as he would like.

Therefore, an IRC meeting was held between interested Ubuntu Studio
contributors on 21st May 2017 to agree on how to fill the void. We
decided to follow the lead of Xubuntu and create a Council to take care
of Ubuntu Studio, rather than continuing to place the burden of
leadership on the shoulder of one particular person.

Unfortunately, although the result was an agreement to form the first
Ubuntu Studio Council from the meeting participants, we all got busy and
the council was never set up.

Who was willing to be in the Ubuntu Studio Council?

The attendees of the IRC Meeting that were to form the Ubuntu Studio
Council are: - **Set Hallström** (sakrecoer) - **Eylul** (eylul) -
**Len Ovens** (len-ovenwerks) - **Ross Gammon** (rosco2)

Now times have changed, and Eylul and Ross have also become very busy.
We are also aware that some regular contributors to Ubuntu Studio (I can
think of Krytarik for example) were not present for the IRC meeting.

So, now we are considering expanding the size of that original proposed
Council to try and bring in some new blood to Ubuntu Studio, and keep
the project going. In particular, we really need someone to step up help
with some leadership and direction, and build up the Ubuntu Studio teams.

How would the Ubuntu Studio Council Work?

The Ubuntu Studio Council would exist to provide security and stability
for the Ubuntu Studio project, and to spread the workload of
administering the project. However, the actual work of producing
and maintaining each release of Ubuntu Studio would not done by the
Council. The actual work and decision making would be carried out,
through the various existing teams (e.g. Artwork, Development,
Testing, Website etc.). The council will of course help with
agreeing the long term direction of Ubuntu Studio and resolving
disputes as required.

The exact details of the working of the Ubuntu Studio Council need to be
documented on our wiki, but the following points were discussed and are
the likely way of working:

- A Council Chair
will be elected from within the Council with a minimum term of one
release of Ubuntu Studio.
- Elections to the Council will be carried out yearly to encourage
participation, and generate fresh ideas. Council membership terms will
be set to expire at overlapping intervals for stability, and re-election
is allowed.
- The size of the council is preferably between 3 and 5 members.

What do you think? Want to help out and keep Ubuntu Studio going?

If you have any questions about this, please make contact on the
#ubuntustudio-devel IRC channel on irc.freenode.net, or the
developer mailing list

If this has inspired you to help out, we are always after more
help. Help to write and improve documentation, add new features,
test and fix Ubuntu Studio applications, help users solve problems,
is always welcome. Get in touch!

Please state whether you would like to join one of the teams and help out.

Please state whether you would be willing to join the council and be the
chair/leader for a release cycle (or more).


Ross Gammon
Test Team Lead

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