[ubuntu-studio-devel] Meeting Agenda 2018-08-11 [cancelled]

Erich Eickmeyer erich at ericheickmeyer.com
Sat Aug 11 20:01:06 UTC 2018

Well, the decision was made to cancel this meeting. Since Len and I will be 
very busy for the next couple weeks, we decided it would be a good idea to 
cancel and have me do the write-up of our progress.

=== Package Uploads ===

So, Ross marked ubuntustudio-controls as Fix Committed, and we're waiting on a 
sponsor to get that uploaded. I might ping someone in #ubuntu-motu to see if 
someone wouldn't mind taking a look at it.

This brings up the other issue of nobody on the team really being a MOTU and 
that being a major barrier. So, I will be working on my Ubuntu membership and 
MOTU applications sooner rather than later. For Ubuntu membership, they like 
to see at least 6 months of sustained participation, so with me at 4-5, that 
might be a factor. I'll work with Simon (tsimonq2) as he's on the membership 

=== Audio Handbook ===

As far as I know, Eylul is still working on the epub and PDF forms of the 
handbook. Eylul: Is there any way we could release the PDF now while you work 
on the epub?

=== ubuntustudio-plasma ===

I'm going to take-on some of this. I need to fix a file in the package, do 
some building for myself, and then see where it leads. In the meantime, it has 
become a higher priority due to the GTK developers causing breakage in all 
desktops that are not GNOME without any remorse (see https://lists.ubuntu.com/
archives/ubuntu-desktop/2018-August/005402.html).  This has been a known 
problem for Xubuntu in the past and is a problem for Ubuntu Budgie, but Solus 
(upstream developers of Budgie) are aware of the problem and are working on a 

Unfortunately, this definitely a sign of things to come, and definitely a 
hindrance to Xfce's move to GTK3. It has made our addition of Plasma much more 
apt than ever. Right now, if Xfce breaks, Xubuntu breaks. Since Studio is so 
fragile right now, if Xubuntu breaks, Studio could very well die. I don't want 
to see that happen, and I know neither does anybody in this mailing list.

With this, Plasma becomes a bit more of a priority. I'll do what I can to work 
with Simon on getting it seeded.

=== Website ===

I have yet to email Eylul the Launchpad GIT upload rundown.

I have initiated very early talks with Noah Chelliah on moving from 
Canonical's hosting to his hosting at Altispeed. Noah is the president of 
Altispeed and a personal friend of mine. Simon is his operations director, so 
we have a couple of ins with that. This would potentially give us much more 
control and the ability to move away from the security nightmare that is 

=== Packaging ===
Carla is still a work-in-progress as the wine bridges have become a pain. 
Might have to postpone Carla from being included in 18.10, but either way it's 
a lower priority.

Cadence, on the other hand, I feel is ready for upload. I was working with 
Mathieu Trudel (cyphermox) on this, but I have yet to hear back from him. My 
reasoning for prioritizing Cadence over Carla is that Cadence includes Catia, 
which could replace the dead Patchage package.  Catia can be installed 
separately from Cadence, so we could include it in our seeds 

On the side, I've been working with the Calf developers who have released 
0.90.1. 0.90.0 was released back in November (major release, up from 0.60.5), 
but .1 contains some bug fixes to keep Ardour from crashing. I was working 
with cyphermox on that, but it really needs to go upstream into Debian since 
that's where the package is drawn from anyhow.

I also intend to start further work on ubuntustudio-welcome and ubuntustudio-

=== Wallpaper Contest ===

It's live at https://imgur.com/t/ubustucontest1810.

=== Password Sharing ===

A solution was found by creating a private git repo for the Ubuntu Studio Core 

== New Items ==

=== PikoPixel ===

The upstream developer of PikoPixel came to us to see if it could be included 
in the Ubuntu Studio seed. After a bit of research and with Eylul's input, I 
believe it would be a great addition, but it brought up another topic.

MyPaint still lags behind developmentally. When Gimp 2.10 hit Cosmic, we had 
to drop MyPaint so that our iso builds would... build. This is due to the 
conflict between libmypaint 1.3 (dependency of Gimp) and MyPaint 1.2. I 
propose that we leave MyPaint out since much of its functionality is 
duplicated with Krita, which sees much more active development. This makes 
room for PikoPixel.

The proposal is this: include PikoPixel, and permanently drop MyPaint from the 

I'd like to see some feedback, and by the next meeting I'd like to vote on 

So, that's what I've got. If anybody wants to include anything, feel free to 
reply to this thread. Our next meeting is scheduled for August 25th at 1900 
UTC in #ubuntustudio-devel.

Thanks everyone!

On Saturday, August 11, 2018 9:01:46 AM PDT Erich Eickmeyer wrote:
> Can you believe our next meeting is already today?
> Anyhow, here's the agenda:
> === Progress Reports ===
>  * Ross did a bunch of work to get some of our packages uploaded to Cosmic
>  * ubuntustudio-plasma
>  * Audio Hadnbook epub & PDF
>  * Website
>  * Packaging
>   * Carla: still in progress
>   * Cadence: need status from cyphermox
>   * Calf: need status from cyphermox
>  * Wallpaper Contest
>  * Password Sharing
>   * Private github repo created for core team members for social media
> passwords, etc.
> === New Items ===
>  * Discuss possible inclusion of pikopixel in seed, vote
>  * Discuss permanently dropping MyPaint in favor of Krita (already included,
> same functionality as MyPaint, better support and development cadence)

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