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lukefromdc at hushmail.com lukefromdc at hushmail.com
Sat May 20 00:02:22 UTC 2017

I have never, ever left auto updating turned on because i often can't
spare the bandwidth, may be using an IP address I  don't want to make 
non-Tor connections from, or cannot spare the CPU load on the netbook.
I have yet to have a use case where I could get away with it on something
other than a server(for which it may be crucial).

On 5/19/2017 at 5:59 PM, "Len Ovens" <len at ovenwerks.net> wrote:
>On Fri, 19 May 2017, Ross Gammon wrote:
>> On 05/17/2017 12:38 AM, eylul wrote:
>>> Disabling auto-updates should NEVER be the default, period. It 
>>> leave users system vulnerable to attacks.
>Strongly dissagree on that one. Auto updates are performed on no 
>real time 
>schedule and often happen while the user is trying to do 
>something. If 
>auto updating _must_ be done then it should be moved to cron and 
>the user 
>should be asked to choose the time. If autoupdates are turned off, 
>_is_ a warning Icon that shows up in the top bar that says "hey 
>haven't updated for a while would you like to check for updates." 
>That is 
>good enough. The user can choose when that happens. This also 
>avoids the 
>"hey I need Chromium so a can join a meeting on hangouts but I 
>download it because some other process is up dating my system for 
>unknown amount of time."
>> Fair enough (considering there are other use cases for US than 
>audio work).
>Auto update can be anoying no matter what kind of work is being 
>done. It 
>slows compile times, graphic render times (so video too) and 
>those "it works most of the time but every once in a while" kinds 
>of bugs.
>>> Users can turn off the auto-updates if they want to.(Go to
>>> "software&Updates" -> "Updates". You can change how often the 
>>> checks for updates, it currently only downloads and installs
>>> automatically security updates, and displays the rest.) 
>Advanced users
>>> can make that choice. It is not ours to make.
>It is very much our choice to make. High disk/network/cpu load 
>should _never_ be run without user request on a work machine. The 
>should have to work hard to screw up their system, it should not 
>be done 
>for them (automatically).
>> Well - I prefer to check what the updates are before installing 
>> Sometimes, they can be quite disruptive (e.g. temporarily 
>> something). It might be better to pull the internet cable out 
>instead ;-)
>Yup, one more reason for no auto updating.
>  -----------
>In thinking about auto mounting of media I realize that we 
>probably don't 
>need it. Automounted or not, the devices icon shows up in the file 
>anyway... so what does automount gain besides opening a new window 
>in the 
>middle of things? Does it improve a workflow?
>Len Ovens
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