[ubuntu-studio-devel] Audio

Ross Gammon rosco at ubuntustudio.org
Wed Jan 18 16:00:07 UTC 2017

Maybe I have just been lucky - or uncomplicated :-)

On 16/01/17 20:10, Len Ovens wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Jan 2017, Ross Gammon wrote:
>> To my way of thinking, Ubuntu Studio has pretty good defaults. I can 
>> install Ubuntu Studio and get straight into audio work. Just try 
>> doing that with a standard Debian or Ubuntu install!
> Yes and no. It is hard enough to get going that some people will go 
> searching and find lots of very old information that effectively makes 
> audio very hard to get right after applying.

[snip ]

> I have spent (and watched other people spend) much time on IRC getting 
> getting people's audio to work. I truely believe I have a solution to 
> real OOTB running. But we will see. It is much easier to remove things 
> not needed than to add things later (as I have found).

Fair enough - good idea - I applaud your efforts. This has been on the 
todo list for soooooo long.

We have some outstanding work to do on the us-* packages from last 
release. If some of these "controls" changes get in the way, I may need 
to pull them onto another branch, or revert them temporarily. It may not 
be the case, but I will be in touch if it is.



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