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eylul eylul at ubuntustudio.org
Sun Jan 15 14:57:18 UTC 2017

Hi Ralf,

Thanks very much for the feedback. The sample rate was my bad, I didn't
realize I shifted that while taking the screenshot. the default Len has
is 24/192000 I believe. Fixed it in the screenshot.

I added your wording with one difference (using latency instead of
response) but happy to change that back if need be. That option can be
more verbose too, but will require a bit of a layout tweak in that case.

Also fixed a wording and a missing label, and made sure .glade file
works with the preview snapshot.

As last time, screenshot and glade file is attached.

Len, maybe I should just fork and edit this on the repository after all. :D



On 01/15/2017 10:25 AM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> Hi,
> this settings app makes things more complicated instead of making them
> easier.
> In parenthesis you mention "buffer 1024". Actually this should read
> "1024 frames".
> Take a look at QjackCtl, it's "Frames/Period", aka "Frames".
> If you want to let users chose the jack sample rate, don't provide
> enforcing low bit depth, too. Providing this is counter-productive.
> Assuming this app is intended to be helpful for novices, then take care
> to use common terms, at least don't use wrong terms and consider to
> provide information and only provide usually useful settings, instead
> of providing options that are seldom useful.
> Take a look at idiot-proof proprietary apps. Audiobus for example:
> "128 frames
> Very fast response, very high device load: May cause shuttering
> 256 frames
> Fast response, moderate device load: Recommended
> 512 frames
> Moderate response, lower device load: Use if you experience shuttering
> 1024 frames
> Very delayed response, low device load"
> Regards,
> Ralf

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